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"Anti-Slabbing" Appraisals - How we evaluate chips:

Casino Chip Values offers free and premium appraisals for your collectible casino chips. We use a variety of online and offline sources to evaluate the rarity, aesthetics, and distribution of your chip relative to the known population. Such sources include information readily available through the Casino Chip and Gaming Token Collectors Club as well as eBay, other ecommerce sites, discussion forums, Google Analytics, Google Trends and many other sources.

By combining all of these sources in a mostly-automated fashion, we can deliver highly-accurate appraisals that show your chip's value relative to the known abundance of collectible chips known to exist. Our free appraisals give you a tangible, hard-copy baseline to use in evaluating your chip's collectible status and monetary value, broken down by the five generally-accepted levels generally used to rate the physical condition of a collectible casino chip.

Our premium appraisals go a bit deeper by asking you a series of questions about your particular chip to get a better feel for its history, condition, authenticity and other parameters. We also have you take high-resolution, detailed images of your chip in a variety of close-up positions. This information is then compiled and sent to a veteran member of the CC&GTCC for unbiased opinion by an experienced collector. The end product is an advanced assessment of your particular, exact chip with as much protection against fraud and misuse possible without "slabbing" - a practice typically frowned upon by the casino chip collecting community.

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