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Hard Rock $5 Sheryl Crow 1996 Concert LE 5350

Issued by: Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

Disambiguation: There are no alternate versions of this chip, and there are no known counterfeit or "fantasy" versions of this chip known to exist.

Proliferation: These chips have not been listing on eBay very often compared to the other Hard Rock chips. Listings have slowed to less than half the frequency we would see ten years ago. Well-respected retailers of collectable casino memorabiia are not listing many of these chips, and those that do seem to have shallow supply. It seems collectors are retaining this chip at an above-average rate compared to chips of similar source and design.

Price Guidance: According to "The Chip Rack" this item was listed as having a price ranging from $20 to $29 ten years ago, and today the target range is set at $50 to $59 for the same chip. We are seeing a 30% upward trend in eBay sale prices and a 42% increase in retail asking prices for this chip over the past ten years. The number of sales occurring on eBay has diminished substantially. This evidence would suggest that this chip is being sought-after and retained by collectors.

Hard Rock Las Vegas has closed recently which could drive the colectible value of this chip in the near future. While many recent chip designs may hit te collectile market soon as the are aquired at auction, this particular variation was already well-distributed so we don't expect any significant devaluation.
Price Research as of Nov 30, 2020:
Median Retail/Dealer List Price:  $ 37.50 Asking Price:    26.50
Average Consigment Proceeds:    19.80
Avg Recent Ebay Sold Price:    28.55
Median Wholesale Acquisition:    15.88
Cash & Liquidation Trade Value:     9.55

11/29/20 Spinettis................$ 30.00
11/29/20 Dice702..................$ 35.00
11/29/20 All-Chips................$ 49.99
11/30/20 Marlow...................$ 59.99
Price data above reflects chip of average condition as expected among its peers, showing the appropriate wear or other signs of aging as is to be expected for an artifact of its kind. Specimines in better or worse condition may affect value significantly in either direction.
Chip Guide ID:
Only 5350 made
March 1996
Ebay Item#    Sold On      Sold At   Method       Item Description                                                                                       
160668931579  10/27/2011    104.50   3 bids       Four (4) Sheryl Crow + 1 AVP with guy Hard Rock Casino $5 chips
190611592819  12/12/2011     45.99   Buy It Now   Hard Rock Hotel Casino 1996 $5 SHERYL CROW Casino Chip Mint / UNC RARE
330656584972  12/18/2011     22.22   6 bids       $5 sheryl crow hard rock casino las vegas casino chips rare obsolete nice
110798665462  12/31/2011     19.69   3 bids       $5 sheryl crow casino chip hard rock hotel las vegas uncirculated
110820851562  02/12/2012     18.51   8 bids       Hard Rock Hotel Casino 1996 $5 SHERYL CROW Casino Chip Mint / RARE

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