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Ah, the good ol' days of Vegas... when a man could walk down the street and be handed "free play" tokens to pull the arm on a giant slot machine for nothing!  The Westward Ho also used to hand these tokens out at the registration desk for free just to get a chance to invite you to stay on their property.
By handing this chip to the barker in front of the property you would get to play the promotional slot machine one time and the prizes for a winning combination ranged from a couple bucks all the way up to $500.
According to a promotional brochure from the 1970's these plastic chips were “Good for $5 casino play” and their travel brochures read “Slot tokens —no purchase necessary, good right now, just bring this folder to casino cashier and you play free to win cash jackpots of $5, $10 and $500. Adults only, one per person each day.”
Or you could just keep the plastic chip as a souvenir because they often came with a small chain to use as a keyring!  This is a fun memento to recapture the spirit of the golden yesteryears of Las Vegas.
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